Iguana no Musume – Iguana no Musume

Whoops I just learned this manga’s been translated already. Didn’t know A Drunken Dream had been published. I’ll have to do another Hagio Moto.

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9 Responses to Iguana no Musume – Iguana no Musume

  1. By Moto Hagio. First in a short story collection called “Iguana no Musume”.

    Honestly I thought I might do this one because it looked ridiculous to me at first. Some story about an iguana just wearing clothes and going to school and whatever.

    I felt like a sucker after I realized it’s a pretty moving story. I love it.

    The title can literally be translated as one thing, but it gives a little too much away in English I think. In Japanese “no musume” doesn’t always mean just what you would think, sometimes it can just mean “girl”. But I don’t like Iguana Girl, and I’m not going to take the liberty of really stretching it into something else so I’m just leaving the title as is.

  2. Joko152 says:

    Thanks for your hard work, it is really interesting story 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ll have to do another Hagio Moto <—- Barbara Ikai, please!

  4. BooN says:

    If Hagio Moto is OK, can you try Riyoko Ikeda?

  5. Well there are a lot of things I have planned in my head that I want to do, of Hagio Moto’s and of other authors. But I’ll keep your suggestions, I think they’re interesting too.

  6. Aliera says:

    Which Hagio Moto works are you planning to do? I’d gladly offer my services to scan or edit, especially Barbara Ikai. I’m also interested in doing some of her shorter works- Gin no Sankaku, Yame e Iku, and U wa Uchuusen no U.

    • Hey, I’m going to do U wa Uchuusen no U. I’ve already bought the Bradbury book to compare and contrast. I’m trying not to handle so many projects at once, so I’ll do it after A Worthless Person. I already have the raws, I could use someone to clean, but if you can’t, that’s fine.

      • Aliera says:

        My god, I’ve been wanting to read her adaptation of Bradbury’s short stories for years and years. You are awesome @_@!

        Sure, I could help clean. Do you have a link where I can download the raws? I can get started on that this week and have it ready for you whenever you have the time. I can typeset too, or would you prefer to do it?

  7. Strange I can’t reply directly? Anyway, don’t get your hopes up about it being done very quickly:) But I intend to go through it bit by bit. Raws are here: http://www.mediafire.com/?5i9lm2lhj63u79i

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