A Worthless Person – A Worthless Person


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6 Responses to A Worthless Person – A Worthless Person

  1. Now I’m not really sure if it’s supposed to be “A Worthless Person” or “Worthless People”. Probably the latter even, but let’s just go with the former and focus on the main character.

    All the characters in this story have ridiculous names and I actually don’t know how to read most of them, so I end up just guessing. Well, you probably won’t like hearing that but, it’s all I can do, just to inform you.

    The story does seem to accent on the wretchedness of being poor, but the pretty corny black humor put in over and over again is kind of strange.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the next chapter ^^

  3. mako says:

    Wow, never expected to see anyone to pick up late-period Yoshiharu Tsuge. Keep it up.

  4. BooN says:

    There’s a guy called Mc Olivier of kaidankamera.blogspot.com who did quite a bunch of Yoshiharu Tsuge’s in French. You may want to check that out. He also did some oneshots of Anzai Mizumaru, the one I like and some other authors of old age.

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