A Worthless Person – The Bird Expert


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9 Responses to A Worthless Person – The Bird Expert

  1. This is a pretty intense chapter. On wikipedia it says it’s supposed to be almost like the masterpiece of this collection. I want to say he does mean the things he’s saying but feels a lot of hypocrisy about his attitudes towards them, and so he mixes in humor here and there. There are places here and there I can tell it’s funny, but then there are a few places I’m a little on the fence about if he was trying to make it funny or not. Ha.

  2. boih says:

    Thank you for the next chapter ^^

  3. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the release!
    really love this manga! how many chapters do we have left?

  4. sensei 12 says:

    Thanks for your hard work.

    A question:
    Can I use your scan and translate them in italian?

  5. Ketna says:

    Hello and thank you very much for these posts!!!
    Please do not abandon the next three chapters, fore you see I have become addicted…


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